New: EcoEars for Cats!

EcoEars® for Cats is a blend of all natural and organic ingredients specifically formulated to aid in the treatment of smelly, itchy and gunky cat ears. Applying EcoEars to your cat’s ears takes less than 2 minutes per day, and in less than 10 days the symptoms will be gone or your money back. Our special formula includes several all natural ingredients including broad spectrum, antimicrobial herbal extracts which have been used for decades to kill bacteria, fungus, and mites in humans as well as animals.

EcoEars helps clear your cat’s ear infection without the use of overused antibiotics and harsh chemicals. EcoEars works against microorganisms including ear mites, bacteria, yeast and fungus which live in the cat’s ears typically causing a foul smell and itchy skin and dirty ears. EcoEars is for external use only, and only in your cat’s ears.

Give your cat the relief he needs in a safe, natural and effective way. 

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