Important Product Information

EcoEars contains highly effective natural ingredients, and should be treated like any medicine. If accidentally ingested, seek medical help immediately. EcoEars is perfectly safe if used properly, even for multiple daily and extended treatments. Please keep the following in mind when using EcoEars:

  • Use EcoEars in your dogs ears ONLY.  
  • Do not use for controlling fleas or for any other use on your pet’s body.
  • Do not use on external skin problems (ie. hot spots) or anyplace except the ears.
  • Do not use where open wounds can be seen.
  • Ensure your pet is consuming a proper diet.
  • If blood is present, do not use this product and see your veterinarian immediately!


Instructions For Use:

Using EcoEars is simple. Shake the bottle and with your pet laying on her side, fill her ear canal with EcoEars. Gently massage the base of the ear for 90 seconds. Wipe away excess with cotton or a paper towel and allow the dog to shake. Continue for 10 days. For severe infections, treat twice per day and continue for 10 more days.

EcoEars Dog
Ear Infection Formula

Super-Effective natural treatment formula for smelly, itchy and dirty dog ears.


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